Black Horse Forge is a Veteran Non-Profit, Run by Veterans

Welcome to the Forge

Black Horse Forge (BHF) instructs veterans, active duty military, first responders, and their supporters in the art and craft of blacksmithing with the goal of providing a sense of accomplishment, mental and physical well-being, and the knowledge and experience to continue the craft in their own communities.

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Veterans Business Information

Need help starting a business, look no further than reached out to BHF to provide our veteran community with the following information. If you have any aspirations of starting your own business, consider looking into the information below.

Recent data points to 1 out of 20 business owners being veterans, which speaks to the fact that their unique experience and perspective give them the ideal skill set needed to successfully take on the challenges of entrepreneurship. Veterans are often able to demonstrate an inspiring style of leadership that is characterized by selflessness, balanced with the discipline to strive for continued growth and progress, and perfectly equipped to remain effective when facing the greatest of setbacks. Most of all, though every entrepreneur will have a different journey, the sacrifice will undoubtedly be a part of the success story.

We want to come alongside and help veterans turn their business aspirations into successful endeavors by making sure they are aware of the unique competitive advantages available to them such as exclusive grants, training resources, and mentoring. You can learn more about it here:

Blade Show 2022

Atlanta, Georgia

Black Horse Forge will be exhibiting again at this year’s biggest Blade Show in the world in Atlanta, GA, June 3-5. If you are interested in purchasing a knife, stop by the table and see what we have for sale. All proceeds go back to the forge to help continue the mission.

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